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February 2013 Photos – Snow, Sledding, Ice Skaing, Valentine’s

By , May 27, 2013 at 12:55 pm


February 2013 Photos – Snow, Sledding, Ice Skaing, Valentine’s

The boys went ice-skating for the first time this February.   This is a must for any Minnesotan, although I must say, a worrisome sport for a parent who is concerned of the preservation of their children’s teeth.  Luckily the Rec Center had PVC walkers for newbie skaters.  I think the kids sort of got the hang of it.  The snow finally started falling and the kids enjoyed building snow forts and snow men.  Valentine’s day had a sushi surprise for daddy, as well as flowers for mommy and cards for all.  As always there was a visit to Chuck E Cheese to pass some of the winter days by.

January 2013 Photos – Cold Winter Fun, Rock Tumbling, First Lost Tooth

By , May 24, 2013 at 5:44 pm


January 2013 Photos – Cold Winter Fun, Rock Tumbling, First Lost Tooth

Michael lost his first tooth.  Bowling is a nice winter escape.  We got a rock tumbler for Christmas and have been working on our amethyst from Ontario.  Negative six degree weather but not much snow.

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minneosta Winter Panorama

By , January 1, 2013 at 10:13 am

With winter upon us proper for the first time in two years, a frigid -22° F is what we awake to to start the new year.  Appropriately I needed a winter panorama to round out the fall colors and tropical vistas lately.  This one’s actually from four years back on a trip up to the Lake Superior North Shore in winter to Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  You can see the lighthouse towards the far left watching over the menacing Lake Superior in winter.  Click here for a larger version of the panorama.

Split Rock Lighthouse Panorama

Split Rock Lighthouse, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Minnesota Panorama

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

By , December 16, 2011 at 11:29 pm

What? Dec. 3 and we are just getting snow?  Unheard of around here.  The boys can’t get enough of it!!  I forgot to take pictures of their bigger snowman and the 2 snow forts we made the next day.  They are melted now.  Yes.  All the snow has melted (another unheard of) and the weather has been in the 40s lately.  But…

tonight right after dinner snow started to fall.  Beautiful, slow falling snow.  Perfect to add to our evening of seeing A Christmas Carol.  Mikey, right before bed said, “I can’t wait until I wake up, Mom.  I can play in the new-fallen snow.  My snow fort will be THIS high” (raising his hand above his head).  When I told him a few weeks ago that new snow would help his fort, that was before I realized the fort would have completely melted.  :)

Douglas loves the snow too- his reaction to seeing it the first time is memorable.  Dan posted a video of it here (also found on the sidebar or under our videos tab).  Not sure how many inches we’ll get tonight… we’ll see in the morning.


The Long Thaw of Winter

By , March 8, 2010 at 2:42 pm

It seems like there are really only a handful of snowfalls here in Minnesota.  Sure when they come they dump a few feet of snow, but really I’m only remembering a real snowfall only three maybe four times this season.  What’s different about Minnesota is that the snow here sticks, and it sticks all season long. Just like the sedimentary layers of the limestone that make up most of the bedrock here, the layers of winter have started gently melting away and I think we’ve uncovered the snow from the first snowfall this season.  It’s a good thing too because for the life of us we haven’t been able to roll a snowball all season as the weather has been too cold, only making that squeaky snow that falls apart in your hands.  We finally made a snowman the other day (see the video), and decided to go out for a walk by the Zumbro River just yesterday.  Here are some pictures that came from our little adventure or in our winter sediment.

“Zumbro River in Winter” –  Rochester, MN

Zumbro River Winter Pond Panorama

Serenity of Winter

By , February 1, 2010 at 9:29 pm

I was just complaining about how long winter is getting and then this afternoon for just a few hours there was a beautiful, calm snowfall. I love it. I love the serenity of falling snow. Mikey and I watched it for a while (David was napping) and talked about going out, but never did. Mostly because underneath that thin layer of new fallen snow there are a few feet of ice. Playing in it really isn’t an option for now. I need to be better at enjoying the outdoors in wintertime. We did go out a few times this season. You might have even seen the video posted (on the right side bar) of our sledding adventure. I have to admit that the older I get, the more petrified I’ve been getting. Maybe it just has to do with my maternal instincts or something but Dan persuaded me to climb up this steep hill with Mikey and have a go. As much as I wanted to enjoy the exhilarating rush, after reaching the top I couldn’t get myself to go much faster than a turtle’s pace. I barely lifted my feet up. I just couldn’t do it. I imagined Mikey and I bouncing off some bump and crashing into the trees if I went any faster. Maybe it had to do with my watching a news clip the previous night about some kids getting concussions while sledding because the hills were so icy. I don’t know. But I know I never believed I would become such a scaredy-cat.

You may have noticed my lack of regular posting, so I have to admit that I frequently get swallowed up in the internet world once I get inside.  I’m trying to stop getting swallowed up.  But I have managed to finally post some good eats we’ve had for dinners over the past few months in the posts below.  Yummm, good food.  You should try some…

Backyard Sledding

By , January 26, 2009 at 9:42 pm

It finally warmed up enough (to a whopping 20 degrees) to take the boys outside to play in the snow. Compared to the -18 weather we’ve been having it was relatively warm. We were hoping to make snowmen but it’s just too cold out. The snow won’t pack. Some day it will warm up enough. Instead we tried out our new sled. There just happens to be this perfect hill right in our backyard, thanks to the snow plow. Too much fun.

Mikey lying in the snow- being the first time in many days, he was loving it.

Super bundled up.

Mikey at the top of the hill waiting for the sled.

Mikey in action.

This is Davey.

He was actually smiling under there.

Loved it.

I know, we are crazy. We put him down the sled with Mikey.

I wasn’t planning on including this video, but uploaded it accidentally, so here it is.

Last time down.

The boyz.

Dan pulling the boys back home.

Mikey kept rolling off the sled after each run. I’m not sure why. He must have thought it was fun to land in.

We actually did pack the boys up in the car a few days later to sled on an actual hill. The place we went actually has huge hills and in the summertime it looks so steep. For sledding, however it just wasn’t what we were expecting. We couldn’t get the sled to make it down the hill in one run. Bummer. From now on, we are sticking to our little backyard hill.

Oh, and by the way, Happy Chinese New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

By , December 24, 2007 at 8:44 pm

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

View the PDF version here

Dear friends and family, a cold and snowy greeting we’re sending your way from Rochester, Minnesota—a place we now call home. We moved here this past July and purchased a nice little townhouse close to the Mayo Clinic where Dan is now attending medical school.

Dan is busy studying through his first year of medical school and has finished his first blocks which included histology, genetics and genomics, gross anatomy, radiology, and embryology. Dan’s chronicles of his medical school career have begun on his blog viewable (here of course!) Needless to say, he’s glad he made the choice to come to Mayo and loves the opportunity studying here.

Carolyn is also very busy as a full-time mom and also as a part time dance instructor as well as a teacher at a local daycare. She’s also starting up private piano lessons beginning in January. She enjoys digital scrapbooking and takes care of our little bundle of joy: Mikey. Her adventures of our family are written at

Mikey is now 18 months old and he is loving life here. He’s got 12 teeth now, is fully bipedal and navigating stairs standing up, and has a repertoire of words that include: “wadder, bahbul, bawl, mmm, uh-oh, woof-woof” along with “ma-ma” and “deeyeh.” Mikey currently writes no blog, but he is going to go bonkers over his wooden train table, Tonka truck, radio flyer tricycle, musical bongo drums kit, and the other thousand items under the tree that he will discover tomorrow morning.

With that we bid you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with all our love,

The Chan Family
Christmas 2007

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