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Summer Baseball

By , June 30, 2012 at 8:05 am

I guess baseball in Rochester is pretty big.  There happen to be 52 teams of kindergartners playing tee-ball this summer.  Unbelievable!  Mikey has joined in on the excitement and is on a team named S&S Moving.  All 12 players on his team will be in first grade at his school next year- perfect for him to get to know a few more kids his age.  His games are twice a week and go until the end of summer.  He’s been thoroughly enjoying it, especially since his best friend Patrick is on the team too.

Social butterfly David has been making all kinds of friends while watching the games.  Douglas is just along for the ride.  And me?  I’ve been trying to figure out how to re-arrange life to get dinner on table before we have to head to practice at 5pm and how to get everyone to bed at a decent hour thereafter.  It’s just ruining the 7 o’clock bedtime routine.  :)

Lazy Days of Summer

By , September 4, 2011 at 1:37 am

Last days of summer are here and I cannot believe it.  Yesterday was such an ideal summer day -despite beginning with somewhat dismal weather.  Mikey and David enjoyed a wet session of soccer camp in the morning;  we had friends over for lunch and a play date; I enjoyed an afternoon nap; and the boys played outside with neighborhood friends literally all evening.  I called them in for dinner, they gobbled it up and ran back outside.  I cleaned up dinner put Douglas down for bed then played the piano for an hour while watching the boys out the window play and play with about six neighborhood friends.  It was so relaxing.  The sunset was beautiful from the stormy weather and I spent a few minutes sitting on the deck savoring the children’s laughter on one of the last days of summer.

Pinnacles Overlook, Badlands, South Dakota Panorama

By , August 30, 2011 at 10:21 pm

First turn off past the Pinnacles entrance to Badlands, National Park, see the family in the far left admiring the view.

Pinnacles Overlook, Badlands, South Dakota Panorama

Sunset at Sage Creek Overlook, Badlands, South Dakota Panorama

By , August 30, 2011 at 8:56 pm

Two panoramas taken from Sage Creek  overlook at Badlands National Park, South Dakota taken a few minutes apart at sunset and dusk.  These are HDR bracketed photos that are fused and then stitched such that there are actually 5 photos with 3 exposures (15) per panorama taken with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens at wide-angle.  Big thunderstorm seen in the horizon and a nice view of the basin with the Badlands seen towards the far left.

Sage Creek Sunset, Badlands Panorama

Sage Creek Dusk, Badlands Panorama

Gymnastics Camp

By , August 24, 2011 at 6:05 am

Mikey did a week at summer camp and learned a few gymnastic tricks.  He is now more ambitious and daring; climbing the trees in our backyard and hanging upside-down.  He also wants to learn to do a cartwheel.  The theme of the camp was “The Circus” so he was all painted up to be a lion/cheetah in the final performance (guess he wanted to be a cheetah, but had made a lion mask during craft time, so he was both).  I wish they’d actually learned more gymnastics during the camp, but Mikey had a great time trying out all the equipment and playing in the giant foam pit.  David was so sad that he couldn’t participate- he’s not 3 yet.

Here Mikey had just walked out of the back room.  They were all so cute dressed up like a big circus.  Each group rotated between about 5 different sections around the room.  He’s getting ready to jump across the trampoline into the foam pit.

Balancing on the beam- he could walk all the way across it by himself without falling off.

There were all so focused and serious- it was fun with the circus music playing in the background.

I am so proud of our little gymnast.  Gotta love his little growling cheetah face.  This was the first time ever he let someone “paint” his face.  He kept it on all day and we happened to be going to the doctor for Douglas’ checkup- the nurses thought he had some sort of rash.  Was quite humorous.

Way Too Much

By , October 22, 2010 at 9:33 pm

So it’s a good thing Dan has been posting what we’ve been up to, since I’ve just not been able to keep up.  Two nights ago I had a wake up call that this little baby #3 of ours might be coming sooner than later- I had Braxton Hicks contractions regularly for over an hour.  That made me pull out all the baby stuff.  Wake up call that maybe I’d better get ready.  :) So what have we been up to over the past while?  Way too much.  Keep reading if you dare…

June Highlights:

*Took a trip to Ohio for my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration.  Enjoyed seeing all of my siblings and their children.  We had 10 cousins there for Mikey and Davey to play with and it was quite an adventure- Mikey getting a bloody nose from his cousin and all!  He even learned how to slide down the “fire poles” at the playground.

*Dan and I celebrated our 6th year of marriage together.  I love you Dan!

*Mikey turned 4!  Can’t believe how old he is getting.  We had a weekend celebration in the cities at Como Town, Underwater Adventures, and Mountain Moose Mini-Golf.  It was quite the celebration.

July Highlights:

*4th of July was celebrated with a yummy BBQ grilled up by Dan and fireworks in the backyard.  We once again attended the firework show a few nights before during Rochesterfest (it rained on us and we watched the firework show in our ponchos, afraid that lightning might strike us any minute).  We couldn’t believe they still did the show.  We decided to just watch the 4th of July Rochester fireworks from our roof.  Michael and David were sound asleep by the time the show started.  We let David sleep and woke up Mikey who climbed out on the roof with us – only because we promised him we would wake him.

*Dan’s Dad’s family came in town for a connecting flight to FL so we were all finally able to meet his family during the few hours they were here.  We went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  July was also filled with a few trips to the pool and races at Soldier’s Field.  They ran the 100M, 200M, 300M and jumped the long jump.  Michael was too worn out after he saw how long the 400M was so we went home.

*We purchased a new family van!  So 3 carseats can’t fit in our little red Honda so we had to get something before the baby comes.  We are loving our new “swagger wagon.”  Dan has been on some crazy night shifts too, so I am so happy that we’ve had 2 vehicles so I don’t have to wake the boys up at random hours to take daddy or pick him up.

August Highlights:

*Went to the Olmsted County Fair and had a fun time seeing 3 hot air balloons on the drive over.  I love how excited the boys get over the amusement rides and carni games (see Dan’s post for pictures).

*Mikey attended a few summer camps.  I think we only took pictures of soccer camp.  The teacher was a young guy which reminded me of Steven, super laid back and chill.  On the last day there was another lady teaching (as you might see in the pictures) and her class was completely different.  Was an interesting contrast.  Mikey also attended his first 2 community education classes.  The four day “Animal Camp” was really fun for him, but his 4 day “Chinese Camp” didn’t go so well.  He had a really hard time with me leaving  him at preschool last year so I tried to keep up some type of time away from Mom throughout the Summer.  The Chinese camp was the only one he really had a hard time with so it wasn’t a very positive experience.  The teacher didn’t understand that I just needed to leave him although he was crying for me.  But this year at preschool (we are doing a homeschool co-op again) he’s been doing great.  He even asked me on his first day why I was walking him to the door.

*Both boys attended a “Grow With Music” group which was 30 minutes once a week for 9 weeks throughout the summer.  The teacher convinced me to enroll both David and Michael, as she saw how social David was compared to Michael.  David ended up crying  and crying the first 3 or 4 times, then did amazingly well.  Mikey loved it and had no problems going without me.  But when it came time for the parent’s to watch on the last day of class, Michael wouldn’t participate at all.  What a nut.  I can’t figure him out for the life of me.

*And of course there was David’s 2nd birthday which has already been blogged about.  He has so much fun with helium balloons.  We often attend a local storytime and at the end they each get a balloon.  Michael always gets a green one and David usually follows suit.

September Highlights:

*The boys have been having so much fun with the cute little neighborhood kids.  We’ve been pretty much without kids in our community for the past 2 years, so now that 4 new families with children have moved in the boys love going outside and seeing which friends are out.  Especially with school in session now, the kids love to go out and play every afternoon.  The weather has been just beautiful- too bad I didn’t snap any pictures of everyone playing out in our backyard leaves the other day.  Michael and David finally realized what it means to play in leaves.  I don’t remember it being much fun with just the 3 of us last year as I tried to show the boys how to rake the leaves into piles and jump in.

*Micheal’s first day of preschool, we took a trip up to the cities to a really fun “chutes and ladder” park.  Both boys loved all the climbing  and tall slides.  David amazes me with no fear of anything.

*Rochester had some heavy rain at the end of September which flooded the main street to our home, not affecting us at all, thankfully.  Same thing happened a few years ago- and we realized the city had planned the flood plain for such cases.  I took the boys down to look at the flooding and we had quite the adventure.  While I was busy snapping photos the wind picked up and blew the stroller down the sidewalk and into the water.  Michael ran after David and got his pants all muddy and wet.  After the stroller was all secured, I went back to trying to grab a panorama shot.  Next thing I know David is face down in the mud.  He wan’t buckled securely and fell out.  So, as the pictures show, he had some cool war paint on.  Everyone who passed us thought we were nuts.

*Michael and Dan took a little Father/Son outing to Silver Lake Park and took a paddle boat ride on the lake.  It it a park just a few minutes bike ride away.

*We took a trip as a family up the cities and had fun staying at a hotel,spending time at the Mall of America’s Nickelodeon Universe, butterfly exhibit, and took Dan to see the “Chutes and Ladder” park.  I never knew the twin cities had so many beautiful places right within the city.  Dan got quite a few nice portrait shots of the boys.

*Preschool also took a trip to Apple Ridge Orchard again this year.  So much fun.  Last year Michael was with a group of 5 boys and 2 girls in preschool.  This year there are 2 boys and 4 girls.  He and his friend Jonas are great friends now (he was out of town on the day we went to the Orchard).

Fire Station Tour

By , July 19, 2010 at 11:02 pm

We took a little field trip to the Fire Station this morning with some friends.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but was trilled we saw so much.  First a complete tour of the facility: bedrooms, workout center, entertainment room, and kitchen.  When the “test” alarm sounded David was the only one of the 10 kids there that said, “loud; noise.”  They have the firefighters on 24hr. shifts here (3 days a weeks I believe they said) so they really do spend a lot of time at the station and then have intervals of a few days off.  Interesting; I had no idea.  First we saw the big truck with something like a 150ft. ladder.  Every Monday they do inspections and test of all the equipment so they were really more than happy to show us everything.  They raised the ladder up, then the firefighter climbed up the ladder and rode around.  They boys got to get in the bucket after it was lowered again.

They were able to get inside 2 of the trucks and explore all around.  We saw the hazardous materials truck, “claws of life” from the rescue truck (used in car accidents) and just as the guide was about to show us his gear, the alarm sounded and he suited up and took off in the truck to a 3-car accident.  Mikey finally understood the firefighters’ job.

Our new guide showed us the fireboat, off-roading  grass fire vehicle, and a few others.  It was quite the tour.  And to top it all off they went home with their very own fire hats and sticker badges.

Of course we had to come home and learn all about fire safety.  Here’s a few fun links I found for anyone interested in what we learned: Sesame Street Fire Safety Handout, Fire Safety Worksheets and Online Games (scroll down to additional resources).

August Adventures

By , September 3, 2009 at 10:25 pm

IMG_1064 (2)Can’t believe it is September already. The summer has just flown by and we have been busy enjoying every minute of it. I just finished stripping the salmon colored paint off our deck. I read the back of the container and it said to use a bristle brush to remove the paint, so I went to the store and got myself a brush. After spending a few hours scrubbing this stuff off, my friend informed me that it would be much easier to use a power washer. My hours of work could have been completed in like 5 minutes (in her words). So I guess I’ve learned a little bit about decks and paint and how much work it takes, and now I know for future reference what to do. I’m loving having a home and figuring out how to do all these home projects that just seemed like easy things for Mom and Dad back in the day. Live and learn, eh? I ran out of light by the end of my project, so I was out there holding up a flashlight in one hand and scrubbing with my brush in the other. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts and I wonder what it will look like in the morning? Maybe I’ll end up using a power washer after all. No, I think it will be fine, especially since there’s some other wood prep product we are going to put on too (our association had the decks painted last spring, but the guy did a poor job with his sprayer, so now they supplied stripper and paint telling us if we wanted it redone, we had to provide the labor ourselves). Not too happy with that, but I think the deck will look nice once it is done.

Dan’s at the hospital on call tonight. He surprised me when he called and invited us over to eat dinner with him at the Cafe San Marie (that is the employee cafeteria in the basement at St. Mary’s Hospital). So the crazy crazies (as I often call the boys) and I headed out to see Daddy for a little while over dinner. One lady at a table next to us was watching us and commented that the boys sure can get what they want. She said they were like 2 little balls bouncing around and we were just talking through it all. So maybe it wasn’t the greatest night out as far as the boys being on their best behavior. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what she was saying. Sometimes I just try to ignore the craziness instead of getting upset, thinking that if I don’t acknowledge the bad behavior maybe it won’t be as noticeable. Guess I was wrong.  It was quite the adventure none-the-less, and hey, I had no cooking or dishes.  Heaven.

Well August is now over and we have been having so much fun. I think I’ll recap with pictures and captions of the some of the fun things we have been up to.


We took a family trip to the Olmsted County Fair. It wasn’t quite as fun as usual since we got there the day it opened. They somehow forgot to mention that all the carnival rides and games wouldn’t be open until the second night. So we just enjoyed the animals and food.  The owner of the little calf in the picture below brought him over for the boys to pet.  The calf was still huge compared to the boys.  Michael is not the biggest fan of animals and refused to pet him.


We had an outing with “Aunt” Meghan to the Zollman Zoo. It was especially hot that day. I specifically remember because we’ve had very few hot days this summer.  Apparently we have never seen the whole scope of the zoo (even though we’ve been there quite a few times). They have this old house/farming tools, bison, and deer. We’ve never taken this little trail across the road to see the rest of the park. So it was quite an adventure. Michael didn’t like the buffalo.IMG_1051



Davey got his hair cut. Our little baby is growing up so fast. I tried to use the buzzer on a longer setting but his hair was so fine it wouldn’t cut until I went a bit shorter. He was just a good boy and just sat there happy as can be.

IMG_1166 (2)IMG_1169 (2)

I got a hair cut. It was quite the experience this time, having to go back in and have someone else fix the “bite” out of the back of my head. It seriously looked all jaggedy. The right side is still longer than the left in the back (this is after the other lady fixed it). I still need to get this taken care of. Mikey and I were posing for a few shots together to show off my new look.

IMG_1202 (2)

Davey celebrated his first birthday. And what did I do for his birthday? Scheduled a well check doctor’s appointment and gave him 3 shots in the legs. After re-evaluating, I think we’ll save appointments for a day or two after the birthday. But hey, we got stats exactly a year to the day he was born. I even got confused with his percentages from a year ago when looking at the chart. He’s 43% length (2.5 feet), 39% weight (22lbs), and 75% head circumference.  The shots in his legs didn’t seem to bother him at all.  Michael seemed to take charge of the rest of the day’s festivities.  He made sure all David’s presents were opened and the candles were blown out. He tried to facilitate when everything would happen and after so much begging I even let him open one of David’s presents before we started our little celebration.  To be honest, it was hard to enjoy David with Mikey taking over.  Michael loved it. Dan and I were exhausted trying to keep David’s toys away from Mikey so David could enjoy them. Note to self: don’t start a birthday celebration at 7:00pm at night, especially when there is a 3 and 1 year old involved. If I hadn’t scheduled the doctor’s appointment, maybe the cake would have been ready before dinner.  Another note: don’t make a birthday cake the day of a birthday (especially if making one from scratch).  It takes up to much time from enjoying the day together.  Mikey decided we should make a carrot cake for David. It was delicious, but a little too much work in the end.  All in all, it was a fun-filled day.  Happy 1st birthday David!IMG_1073 (2)IMG_1087 (2)IMG_1107 (2)IMG_1076 (2)

Michael is learning to ride a bike with training wheels now and Davey can now walk, clap, wave, point, shake his head no, grind his teeth, and say all kinds of things, one of my favorites is “ought oh” when he drops something.  He’s found a new spot to sit under the piano and has this new huge smile with now 4 top teeth coming in, it is just so funny. He cracks me up. Mikey and he love to rough around with each other.  I just don’t seem to understand it but when Mikey and he roll and pull with pillows and blankets even though he seems to be getting smooshed David just laughs and loves it. Yes, these are my crazy crazies and we have so much fun.IMG_1226 (2)IMG_1140IMG_1142


By , August 6, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Dan’s at the hospital all night again tonight and I am here thinking that I should update our blog, but would really rather curl up in bed with a new book.  I’m just exhausted.  I finished painting our kitchen two days ago, which I have been meaning to do for quite some time now.  Decided to try to get one wall painted in the middle of the day while Michael was watching a video and Davey sleeping.  David woke up earlier that I’d anticipated and so I ended up painting with him on my back in the the little baby backpack.  He loved it and I thought it would be a great workout.  Felt fine at the time, but yeah, killed my back.  Maybe not too smart.  Then I decided to take the boys to a park the next day.  Dan had the car so I thought I’d get a great workout and walk.  (Can you tell I’ve been thinking I need to get in more exercise lately?)  The walk took about 45 min. to the park and then another 45 min. back.  Felt great, but once again, I was so exhausted.  The knee that had ACL surgery done years ago was killing me, especially trying to walk the stairs.  (Maybe that means it’s getting stronger).  Then today I went out walking with a new walking group I am heading up.  We walked for about an hour.  I thought I was going to die trying to push the stroller up this one big hill.  But it felt great.  So now it’s what, a little after 10:30pm  and it feels like after midnight.  I have no cute pictures to post but Dan has been really good at updating our pictures (under the family photos tab) and he’s even posted some videos on the side bar if you haven’t noticed.  So feel free to browse the pictures from the fun little trip we took a few weeks ago before Dan started his third year rotations up to the cities to the Children’s MuseumComo Zoo, and Mall of America.  And if you want to you can watch the videos to see what else we have been up to lately.  David is just about to walk so I anticipate that video going up very soon.  I am sure you are all dying to see him.


By , August 20, 2008 at 10:23 pm
Just a few pictures from around our house. I’ve gotten a little bit into gardening this summer.

Here are the front walkway hostas, given to us by our neighbor, and evergreens which will hopefully add some color during the long winter. Lately a few of the spring flowers have budded again. Strange.
Double impatience. Which does great in the shade but super wilts in the afternoon sun.
Astatic lilies. Which were just beautiful in bloom.
The sweet william was planted from seeds (thanks, Heather). Doing really well, but have yet to bloom.
2 lilac bushes which should bloom next Spring (behind Mikey). Hopefully preventing kids from falling down into the basement well.Mikey diggin up the rocks.Our little herb garden dried up and died before we could harvest it. I’ll have to try something else next summer… the herb growing wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I think it just got too much sun. And was I supposed to thin them out? I think that added to their death as well.

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