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Whitewater State Park, Minnesota Fall Colors Panorama

By , December 22, 2012 at 1:40 pm

A belated panorama shot from this fall at Whitewater State Park.  Click here for a larger version of the panorama.

Whitewater State Park Fall Colors, Minnesota Panorama

Snorkeling at Xelha, Mexico

By , October 22, 2012 at 9:23 pm

Greetings from the Riviera Maya, Mexico where we just spent a whole day in the sunny Caribbean Sea snorkeling as a family.  While the biodegradable sunscreen helped keep the Parrot fish alive, it made most of us look like lobsters by the end of the day.  But it was a fun 6 hours of snorkeling and seeing a whole bunch of fish at Xelha where we explored a sea cave, numerous cenotes, followed a whole bunch of fish around (photos some other day), and even swam with manta rays.  Here’s the commercial photos that we got scalped, but worth sharing!

Bluefin Bay, Lake Superior, Minnesota Night Sky Panorama

By , June 8, 2012 at 10:34 pm

Taken yesterday on the last night of our vacation to the North Shore of Lake Superior where we stayed at the Bluefin Bay, I caught this just prior to moonrise from outside our condo’s porch catching the Milky Way arching above a brilliant night sky.

Bluefin Bay, Lake Superior, Minnesota Night Sky Panorama

Sunset at Sage Creek Overlook, Badlands, South Dakota Panorama

By , August 30, 2011 at 8:56 pm

Two panoramas taken from Sage Creek  overlook at Badlands National Park, South Dakota taken a few minutes apart at sunset and dusk.  These are HDR bracketed photos that are fused and then stitched such that there are actually 5 photos with 3 exposures (15) per panorama taken with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens at wide-angle.  Big thunderstorm seen in the horizon and a nice view of the basin with the Badlands seen towards the far left.

Sage Creek Sunset, Badlands Panorama

Sage Creek Dusk, Badlands Panorama

Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire Panorama

By , June 19, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Driving through New Hampshire we stopped by Cannon Mountain and ascended to the summit in the gondola.  It was a stormy day, but nevertheless we got a nice view from the vista.

Adventure Golfing Pit-Stop in Wisconsin Dells

By , October 9, 2010 at 11:40 am

The drive back from Chicago to Rochester is not very exciting.  Even worse so when you’re 2 or 4 years old and you’ve already watched all the movies on the iPad in the van at least one time through on the way to the Windy City.  While we had Stones into Schools on audiobook to listen to, the boys were stir crazy after the first few hours driving back home.  About an hour north on I-90 after exiting Illinois’s steeplechase tollways which gouge you $5-6 worth of change from Chicago to Wisconsin there’s a fun resort town of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.  We’ve been here a few times before for the water parks, but on our last visit discovered Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf, apparently the longest mini-golf course in the United States so they claim.  The last time we were here (kids under 5 golf free) Mikey golfed for over 4 hours as he tackled all 90 holes.  This time we let him golf 1.5 courses before we had to get back on the road home, but in the process we snapped some nice pictures along the way.  Again you can click the collage for the mega version.

Click for a larger image

Adventures in The Windy City

By , October 7, 2010 at 9:24 pm

After our ballgame adventure, Carolyn and the boys went to Legoland Discovery Center in Shaumberg, IL not too far from where we were staying, and where I was testing for USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills for the day.  From what I’ve read and what I was told they experienced, this Legoland was a complete joke of a themepark, and more of a glorified Lego Store, that ironically is not even run by Lego themselves, but rather by the same company that runs Madame Tussaud’s wax museums.  To charge a ticketed adult admission at $19.00 for little more than chaperoning the children was highway robbery, but we managed to find a $14 coupon for both Carolyn and Mikey to get in which I guess was more reasonable than $40.  Regardless, they would not recommend this attraction.  Following my test, and still suited up, we decided to catch the evening light and roam around downtown Chicago exploring Millennium Park and meandering our way by foot to Chinatown where we enjoyed an evening dinner at Joy Yee’s Noodles which was quite impressive and a change up from limited fast food Chinese we’ve had in Rochester for the past three and a half years.  After walking 5 miles we were happy to discover that there was a subway that actually ran into Chinatown, so we hopped onto it for the ride back downtown to drive back to the west suburbs where we had established our hotel.  The boys enjoyed some swimming in the hotel pool, and we headed back home the next morning.  During our stay we also managed to try Giordano’s Famous Chicago Stuffed Pizza which I had seen on TV, read about its raves in my USMLE Step 2 CS study book, and ultimately was rather disappointed at all its hype as it turned out to be a massive, heavy, thick pizza that none of us were too fond of.  To break up the 6-hour drive back home, we took a 2-hour pit stop through Wisconsin Dells where we stopped for some surprise mini-golf, but more on that next time!  Click the collage for a giant version to see the teeny-weeny pictures.

Click for a larger image

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

By , October 6, 2010 at 5:30 pm

This past Monday I had a clinical skills licensing exam in Chicago and rather than fly and take the full-day test myself, I made sure I had the weekend off from the Emergency Department where I am currently rotating through and we decided to drive the 6 hours to Chicago instead with Carolyn and the two boys in tow.  Chicago was full of adventure and bustling with activity and we made the most of our weekend there.  As I have always wanted to take the boys to a baseball game here in Minnesota, and because the Minnesota Twins have just been having too great of a season in the new Target Field stadium, I’ve not been able to get reasonably priced tickets to a game during the season.  Chicago on the other hand has two teams, the Chicago Cubs, and the Chicago White Sox.  Just so happens that the White Sox played their last season game over the weekend that we were there, and I got 4 great tickets in the 17th row kitty corner off of home plate to the third base side from some season ticket holder who had long given up hope of ever seeing the White Sox enter post-season play (rightfully so, the Twins had already clinched the division title).  So a quick trip to Stub Hub and a few printouts later we rolled into U.S. Cellular Field on a beautiful afternoon (got scalped a 5th ticket price for parking which is the norm here in Chicago – expect to pay no less than $15-30 for parking downtown), and enjoyed a baseball game together as a family.  The White Sox ended up winning and we had a few near misses on foul balls.  Lest anyone suspect and persecute us from being from Minnesota, Mikey and Davey donned the black and white of the Chicago White Sox and liked their hats.  We got some peanuts, no crackerjacks, and water was reasonably priced at only $4.25 a bottle! It was fun and this game marks probably almost 20 years since I visited a Major League ballgame, the last time being the Toronto Blue Jays a long time ago.  Enjoy the collage, you can click on it for a super-sized version.  I’ll get some video and a photo gallery up sometime too.  More updates on our Chicago adventure ahead!

Click for a larger image

Davey’s 2nd Birthday

By , August 26, 2010 at 11:59 pm

We celebrated Davey’s 2nd birthday today.  Carolyn made a balloon cake at Davey’s request, and we managed to find him some helium balloons which were a blast.  He’s been pretty excited about his birthday for the last few weeks and knows that he’s turned “two.”  We sang through Happy Birthday a few times and Davey blew the candle out more than once.  In the end the candle got back at him and singed some of his eyelashes but Davey didn’t seem to mind.  So we begin with the terrible twos ;-).  Click the collage for a bigger version, videos of the birthday celebration are forthcoming.

Olmsted County Fair

By , August 16, 2010 at 3:10 pm

We went to our 3rd Olmsted County Fair last week and wandered around avoiding the dirty animals (I’m on infectious diseases right now and animal exposures just don’t mesh, especially with a pregnant woman).  We ended up paying a fortune for one carnival game (and winning nothing) and letting the kids ride one ride exorbitantly priced ride (see the video) Fair food included a berry smoothy, mini-donuts, some chili fries, and the much loved turkey drumstick that Davey is still pointing and screaming “CHICKEN!” as I’m writing this right now.  The seen but not tried disgusting wagon of the fair is the donut cheeseburgers that looked absolutely disgusting.  The collage here sums up the pictures until I can upload a new gallery, but click the collage of a very big view.

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