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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

By , December 24, 2007 at 8:44 pm

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Dear friends and family, a cold and snowy greeting we’re sending your way from Rochester, Minnesota—a place we now call home. We moved here this past July and purchased a nice little townhouse close to the Mayo Clinic where Dan is now attending medical school.

Dan is busy studying through his first year of medical school and has finished his first blocks which included histology, genetics and genomics, gross anatomy, radiology, and embryology. Dan’s chronicles of his medical school career have begun on his blog viewable (here of course!) Needless to say, he’s glad he made the choice to come to Mayo and loves the opportunity studying here.

Carolyn is also very busy as a full-time mom and also as a part time dance instructor as well as a teacher at a local daycare. She’s also starting up private piano lessons beginning in January. She enjoys digital scrapbooking and takes care of our little bundle of joy: Mikey. Her adventures of our family are written at

Mikey is now 18 months old and he is loving life here. He’s got 12 teeth now, is fully bipedal and navigating stairs standing up, and has a repertoire of words that include: “wadder, bahbul, bawl, mmm, uh-oh, woof-woof” along with “ma-ma” and “deeyeh.” Mikey currently writes no blog, but he is going to go bonkers over his wooden train table, Tonka truck, radio flyer tricycle, musical bongo drums kit, and the other thousand items under the tree that he will discover tomorrow morning.

With that we bid you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with all our love,

The Chan Family
Christmas 2007

Hectic But Happy

By , June 21, 2007 at 12:48 pm

Well we finally arrived in Rochester, MN on Friday June 15 and it’s been a week of unpacking, moving stuff, setting stuff up (namely garbage, water, gas, cable, telephone, sewer, recycling, internet, etc.), and buying stuff that we’ve found ourselves deficient of: ie a dinner table and chairs.

The move itself was rather uneventful – except to the 6000 or so bugs that ended up dying against 5 tons of steel smashing them to smitherines – I thought I even got some small birds against the windshield although upon closer inspection they were bugs the size of small birds!

We stopped in North Platte (yeah if you don’t know where that is I don’t blame ya), Nebraska for a night on the way out – and for some reason the entire city was booked. It turned out Nebraskaland Days was going on – whatever that is. Other than that Nebraska really is a terribly boring state to drive through.

The drive was scenic, but not very interesting. When we arrived in Rochester it didn’t really feel like that long of a drive despite it being about 18 hours total. I attribute the monotony of the scenery to lending that illusion. What did feel like a long trip was paying the credit card gasoline bills of our truck that did sub-10 mpg, and at about $3 a gallon and 1400 miles that added up to a pretty penny of ~$500 worth of gas. Ouch.

We’re finally getting setup to some degree, although most of it will be temporary as we have a construction crew set to finish our basement for the next few weeks, so hooray to more clutter. At least when the gauntlet medical school schedule begins we’ll have some more habitable space to live in… more on the gauntlet Mayo schedule in another post, let’s just say – since when were schools allowed to schedule overnight stays, Sunday instruction, and 3 weeks of your life in 15-minute increments including bathroom breaks?!

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