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David’s First Day of Preschool

By , October 20, 2011 at 10:01 pm

David had his first day of preschool September 13.  He loves it.  I think the second day of school I started a carpool with his cute classmate Kelly.  When he saw that I had come to take him home instead of Kelly’s mom he started crying.   He so wanted to ride with with Kelly in her blue van.  After finding out she was coming in the car with us he was all smiles again.  Cute kid.  He does a great job identifying and tracing letters and I’m told he’s pretty bright among his peers.  I love seeing him sporting his backpack around the house all day.  So stinking cute.  In the picture below where the group is in their party hats, his class had a VIP (Very Important Person) party where they learned how special they were and sang a song “I’m a VIP, I’m a VIP…”  I asked David what does VIP mean.  Response: “Umm…I don’t know,” <shrug> “like when you have to pee?”  That’s our three year old.  He has the funniest faces in pictures these days.  Here are a few.

And the best for last.  Here’s the picture he took in class on the first day of school for his attendance/name card.  Hilarious!  I love this kid.

Lazy Days of Summer

By , September 4, 2011 at 1:37 am

Last days of summer are here and I cannot believe it.  Yesterday was such an ideal summer day -despite beginning with somewhat dismal weather.  Mikey and David enjoyed a wet session of soccer camp in the morning;  we had friends over for lunch and a play date; I enjoyed an afternoon nap; and the boys played outside with neighborhood friends literally all evening.  I called them in for dinner, they gobbled it up and ran back outside.  I cleaned up dinner put Douglas down for bed then played the piano for an hour while watching the boys out the window play and play with about six neighborhood friends.  It was so relaxing.  The sunset was beautiful from the stormy weather and I spent a few minutes sitting on the deck savoring the children’s laughter on one of the last days of summer.

What do stay-at-home moms do all day?

By , March 5, 2011 at 10:21 pm

Sometimes I ask myself this question too.  What do I do all day?  This article seems to sum it up quite elegantly.


It might be easier to read online.  You can find it here.

2 Weeks till Delivery

By , November 9, 2010 at 8:30 pm

Today I took a pregnancy picture, most likely inspired by the beautiful weather and outing we took to the park.  With just 14 days to go I figured I’d better take a picture of this little one in womb.  I can’t complain with the 70 degree weather in November.  Absolutely wonderful!

Way Too Much

By , October 22, 2010 at 9:33 pm

So it’s a good thing Dan has been posting what we’ve been up to, since I’ve just not been able to keep up.  Two nights ago I had a wake up call that this little baby #3 of ours might be coming sooner than later- I had Braxton Hicks contractions regularly for over an hour.  That made me pull out all the baby stuff.  Wake up call that maybe I’d better get ready.  :) So what have we been up to over the past while?  Way too much.  Keep reading if you dare…

June Highlights:

*Took a trip to Ohio for my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration.  Enjoyed seeing all of my siblings and their children.  We had 10 cousins there for Mikey and Davey to play with and it was quite an adventure- Mikey getting a bloody nose from his cousin and all!  He even learned how to slide down the “fire poles” at the playground.

*Dan and I celebrated our 6th year of marriage together.  I love you Dan!

*Mikey turned 4!  Can’t believe how old he is getting.  We had a weekend celebration in the cities at Como Town, Underwater Adventures, and Mountain Moose Mini-Golf.  It was quite the celebration.

July Highlights:

*4th of July was celebrated with a yummy BBQ grilled up by Dan and fireworks in the backyard.  We once again attended the firework show a few nights before during Rochesterfest (it rained on us and we watched the firework show in our ponchos, afraid that lightning might strike us any minute).  We couldn’t believe they still did the show.  We decided to just watch the 4th of July Rochester fireworks from our roof.  Michael and David were sound asleep by the time the show started.  We let David sleep and woke up Mikey who climbed out on the roof with us – only because we promised him we would wake him.

*Dan’s Dad’s family came in town for a connecting flight to FL so we were all finally able to meet his family during the few hours they were here.  We went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  July was also filled with a few trips to the pool and races at Soldier’s Field.  They ran the 100M, 200M, 300M and jumped the long jump.  Michael was too worn out after he saw how long the 400M was so we went home.

*We purchased a new family van!  So 3 carseats can’t fit in our little red Honda so we had to get something before the baby comes.  We are loving our new “swagger wagon.”  Dan has been on some crazy night shifts too, so I am so happy that we’ve had 2 vehicles so I don’t have to wake the boys up at random hours to take daddy or pick him up.

August Highlights:

*Went to the Olmsted County Fair and had a fun time seeing 3 hot air balloons on the drive over.  I love how excited the boys get over the amusement rides and carni games (see Dan’s post for pictures).

*Mikey attended a few summer camps.  I think we only took pictures of soccer camp.  The teacher was a young guy which reminded me of Steven, super laid back and chill.  On the last day there was another lady teaching (as you might see in the pictures) and her class was completely different.  Was an interesting contrast.  Mikey also attended his first 2 community education classes.  The four day “Animal Camp” was really fun for him, but his 4 day “Chinese Camp” didn’t go so well.  He had a really hard time with me leaving  him at preschool last year so I tried to keep up some type of time away from Mom throughout the Summer.  The Chinese camp was the only one he really had a hard time with so it wasn’t a very positive experience.  The teacher didn’t understand that I just needed to leave him although he was crying for me.  But this year at preschool (we are doing a homeschool co-op again) he’s been doing great.  He even asked me on his first day why I was walking him to the door.

*Both boys attended a “Grow With Music” group which was 30 minutes once a week for 9 weeks throughout the summer.  The teacher convinced me to enroll both David and Michael, as she saw how social David was compared to Michael.  David ended up crying  and crying the first 3 or 4 times, then did amazingly well.  Mikey loved it and had no problems going without me.  But when it came time for the parent’s to watch on the last day of class, Michael wouldn’t participate at all.  What a nut.  I can’t figure him out for the life of me.

*And of course there was David’s 2nd birthday which has already been blogged about.  He has so much fun with helium balloons.  We often attend a local storytime and at the end they each get a balloon.  Michael always gets a green one and David usually follows suit.

September Highlights:

*The boys have been having so much fun with the cute little neighborhood kids.  We’ve been pretty much without kids in our community for the past 2 years, so now that 4 new families with children have moved in the boys love going outside and seeing which friends are out.  Especially with school in session now, the kids love to go out and play every afternoon.  The weather has been just beautiful- too bad I didn’t snap any pictures of everyone playing out in our backyard leaves the other day.  Michael and David finally realized what it means to play in leaves.  I don’t remember it being much fun with just the 3 of us last year as I tried to show the boys how to rake the leaves into piles and jump in.

*Micheal’s first day of preschool, we took a trip up to the cities to a really fun “chutes and ladder” park.  Both boys loved all the climbing  and tall slides.  David amazes me with no fear of anything.

*Rochester had some heavy rain at the end of September which flooded the main street to our home, not affecting us at all, thankfully.  Same thing happened a few years ago- and we realized the city had planned the flood plain for such cases.  I took the boys down to look at the flooding and we had quite the adventure.  While I was busy snapping photos the wind picked up and blew the stroller down the sidewalk and into the water.  Michael ran after David and got his pants all muddy and wet.  After the stroller was all secured, I went back to trying to grab a panorama shot.  Next thing I know David is face down in the mud.  He wan’t buckled securely and fell out.  So, as the pictures show, he had some cool war paint on.  Everyone who passed us thought we were nuts.

*Michael and Dan took a little Father/Son outing to Silver Lake Park and took a paddle boat ride on the lake.  It it a park just a few minutes bike ride away.

*We took a trip as a family up the cities and had fun staying at a hotel,spending time at the Mall of America’s Nickelodeon Universe, butterfly exhibit, and took Dan to see the “Chutes and Ladder” park.  I never knew the twin cities had so many beautiful places right within the city.  Dan got quite a few nice portrait shots of the boys.

*Preschool also took a trip to Apple Ridge Orchard again this year.  So much fun.  Last year Michael was with a group of 5 boys and 2 girls in preschool.  This year there are 2 boys and 4 girls.  He and his friend Jonas are great friends now (he was out of town on the day we went to the Orchard).

Fire Station Tour

By , July 19, 2010 at 11:02 pm

We took a little field trip to the Fire Station this morning with some friends.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but was trilled we saw so much.  First a complete tour of the facility: bedrooms, workout center, entertainment room, and kitchen.  When the “test” alarm sounded David was the only one of the 10 kids there that said, “loud; noise.”  They have the firefighters on 24hr. shifts here (3 days a weeks I believe they said) so they really do spend a lot of time at the station and then have intervals of a few days off.  Interesting; I had no idea.  First we saw the big truck with something like a 150ft. ladder.  Every Monday they do inspections and test of all the equipment so they were really more than happy to show us everything.  They raised the ladder up, then the firefighter climbed up the ladder and rode around.  They boys got to get in the bucket after it was lowered again.

They were able to get inside 2 of the trucks and explore all around.  We saw the hazardous materials truck, “claws of life” from the rescue truck (used in car accidents) and just as the guide was about to show us his gear, the alarm sounded and he suited up and took off in the truck to a 3-car accident.  Mikey finally understood the firefighters’ job.

Our new guide showed us the fireboat, off-roading  grass fire vehicle, and a few others.  It was quite the tour.  And to top it all off they went home with their very own fire hats and sticker badges.

Of course we had to come home and learn all about fire safety.  Here’s a few fun links I found for anyone interested in what we learned: Sesame Street Fire Safety Handout, Fire Safety Worksheets and Online Games (scroll down to additional resources).

Mikey Stuff & Super Glue

By , April 22, 2010 at 9:28 pm

Sorry I’ve been out of the blog world for quite some time now.  Our trip to Florida last month just took me out of reality and I guess it took me a week or so to get back into the swing of things and what a month now to get back online.  Michael was so cute today and wrote 3 letters to Santa Clause.  First he asked me how much longer until it was his birthday and I guess that got him thinking about presents.  Then he remembered Santa.  He grabbed some paper and a green highlighter and drew pictures to Santa.  I just realized I didn’t even ask him what he drew or what he was asking for.  All he asked me was how to spell “North Pole” and then he handed me the letters and said, “Put these in the mail.”  I explained he had to fold them and put them in an envelope.  He folded one, but that is about as far as he got and I think they are sitting on the stairs as we speak.  :)  Fun boy.  He’s getting very artistic these days with his drawings.  Dan and he put together a geocache last Sunday and today he also made up his own.  First he told me he needed tape, then he found 2 highlighters and taped them to the paper.  Later I saw what he wrote: On one side he wrote YES and the other side NO.  That was it.  I love our little Mikey.

I was thinking I might post some Easter pictures but can’t find them at this moment, maybe the card is still in the camera.  I did find one picture that is downloaded and I just have to tell you that this is my finger and it was a very unfortunate incident.  See:

While in the process of trying to glue on the missing ear, I glued the bunny to my finger.  I didn’t have any acetone based nail polish remover, called my sweet neighbor and borrowed the rest of hers.  Dan helped me twist it off.  Only took about 10 minutes.  Hilarious.  I never thought I’d actually super-glue something to myself.  There’s a first for everything!

Serenity of Winter

By , February 1, 2010 at 9:29 pm

I was just complaining about how long winter is getting and then this afternoon for just a few hours there was a beautiful, calm snowfall. I love it. I love the serenity of falling snow. Mikey and I watched it for a while (David was napping) and talked about going out, but never did. Mostly because underneath that thin layer of new fallen snow there are a few feet of ice. Playing in it really isn’t an option for now. I need to be better at enjoying the outdoors in wintertime. We did go out a few times this season. You might have even seen the video posted (on the right side bar) of our sledding adventure. I have to admit that the older I get, the more petrified I’ve been getting. Maybe it just has to do with my maternal instincts or something but Dan persuaded me to climb up this steep hill with Mikey and have a go. As much as I wanted to enjoy the exhilarating rush, after reaching the top I couldn’t get myself to go much faster than a turtle’s pace. I barely lifted my feet up. I just couldn’t do it. I imagined Mikey and I bouncing off some bump and crashing into the trees if I went any faster. Maybe it had to do with my watching a news clip the previous night about some kids getting concussions while sledding because the hills were so icy. I don’t know. But I know I never believed I would become such a scaredy-cat.

You may have noticed my lack of regular posting, so I have to admit that I frequently get swallowed up in the internet world once I get inside.  I’m trying to stop getting swallowed up.  But I have managed to finally post some good eats we’ve had for dinners over the past few months in the posts below.  Yummm, good food.  You should try some…

Happy 2010!

By , January 2, 2010 at 10:48 pm

I can’t believe the new year has crept up on us.  2010 is hard to believe.  To bring in the new year how about a family letter from us posted right to our blog?  I have yet to get any of these in the mail, and it might just be an e-letter this year (let’s see if I can get any of them actually printed and the mail like I hope).  We have been completely homebound for the new year as our trusty old 91 Honda Civic has been parked at the auto shop a mile away.  We towed it there Wednesday night after the battery light came on,  jumping the battery, and then dying at red light.  We couldn’t even put on our flashers.  Some nice people pulled up behind us with their flashers and drove us home (turns out it was the owner of the Canadian Honker restaurant and his wife – the tow man apparently knew him as a prominent figure in the community, we were oblivious).  The auto shop was too busy to look at the car the next day and with the new year happening they’ll get to it on Monday.  Hopefully it is just a simple alternator problem like we think.  Otherwise guess we’ll be car shopping.  Not a bad way to bring in the new year after all.

Snow Day!

By , December 10, 2009 at 9:33 am

Technically it’s our second snow of the season, but it is our first major blizzard with a good 10-15″ of snow with some drifts over 2 feet deep. School was cancelled yesterday which also was great since it was Carolyn’s birthday. Here is some video from the storm. You can see the associated videos that we took by scrolling (left and right) in our video gallery.

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