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November 2012 Gallery – Literally Lost Tooth, Douglas’s 2nd Birthday, Thanksgiving at Home

By , December 2, 2012 at 11:31 am

November 2012 Photo Gallery – Douglas 2nd Birthday, Thanksgiving at Home

November came and went quickly just as the rest of the year has.  We capitalized on an annual trip up to Minneapolis to present at the local ACP chapter meeting and tried Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine which was some added variety to our joys of entertaining the Rochester ethnic dining scene (nil).   Michael lost his first tooth!  Then (placed in the envelope) literally lost his first tooth (seen in the envelope) and an hour was spent scavenging for it.  After he went to bed and another hour later, the Tooth Fairy finally found it and as a memento  even turned back to him under his pillow.

I spent the last days of commuting to work in Red Car as the kids wave goodbye to me in the early morning.  Our 1991 Honda Civic that we bought off the Wilkinson Center board at BYU for $1800 8 years ago and 50,000 miles later finally had a radiator hose crack and I think the distributor is going out so it’s headed for donation to NPR’s Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program.  In its stead we’ve hybridized, but no not with a Prius, but “Grey Car,” a Camry Hybrid will try to fill the shows of our Red Car legacy.  It won’t be hard though, because as I was considering craiglisting Red Car I inventoried the extent of issues with red car which included: 1. Distributor needs replacing or servicing as it is actively failing, 2. Cracked windshield, 3. A/C broken (never worked), 4. Constantly beeping seatbelt signal, 5. Electrical issues, radio cuts in and out sporadically despite alternator being repaired x2, 6. Right rear passenger lock latch is replaced with a zip tie, 7. Front right bumper side semi detached, 8. License plates zip tied in front, 9. Rear license bolts are rusted attached, 10. Heat shield over catalytic converter fell off (or rather it rusted off), 11. Left passenger door frame has significant rust, 12. Trunk seal is somewhat permeable to rain, as such the trunk can get moist, and 13. Main Relay was replaced (by owner with a Youtube video and a part off of eBay – but hey it worked and saved me $150!).   Rest in peace red car: 2004-2012.

Meanwhile Douglas turned two and had a private “mElmo” birthday party and we even put new batteries into our old Tickle Me Elmo and it was as good as new of a toy to Douglas.  Gotta love these hand me down gifts.  Carolyn made Elmo cupcakes and the kids helped decorate hence explaining the reason why most of the Elmo’s look like they spawned from Chernobyl hot zones.  I made a card for Douglas with the boys highlighting his lovely smile.  I think he liked it.  He got to gorge a whole little carton of blackberries all to himself (not like that was any different than what usually happens to any of the blackberries we ever buy).  Finally Thanksgiving came around and since I was on infectious disease consulting service this month, managed to get home in time to help cook a little feast for the family with our oil-less Turkey Fryer that we won in the Lowe’s Gift-a-thon a few years back.  Carolyn made rolls herself this year and they all made these cute pumpkin table decorations.  We ended the month, the day after Thanksgiving with of course, Christmas decorating.

Summer Baseball

By , June 30, 2012 at 8:05 am

I guess baseball in Rochester is pretty big.  There happen to be 52 teams of kindergartners playing tee-ball this summer.  Unbelievable!  Mikey has joined in on the excitement and is on a team named S&S Moving.  All 12 players on his team will be in first grade at his school next year- perfect for him to get to know a few more kids his age.  His games are twice a week and go until the end of summer.  He’s been thoroughly enjoying it, especially since his best friend Patrick is on the team too.

Social butterfly David has been making all kinds of friends while watching the games.  Douglas is just along for the ride.  And me?  I’ve been trying to figure out how to re-arrange life to get dinner on table before we have to head to practice at 5pm and how to get everyone to bed at a decent hour thereafter.  It’s just ruining the 7 o’clock bedtime routine.  :)

One year old!

By , December 16, 2011 at 9:25 pm

Little Douglas turned one.  We took one year photos, ate cake topped with Oreos (decorated via his brothers) and opened presents.  Can’t believe my youngest is walking!  Little turkey is full of personality these days.  I love it!  We love you, Douglas!



By , November 11, 2011 at 12:18 am

David had a wonderfully fun Halloween costume party at preschool and everyone was invited.  He made monster goo (glue, borax, water, & food coloring), had a witch’s brew of homemade root beer with dry ice, games and yummy treats.

Halloween night our pirate, knight and monkey went out with just light jackets on.   Unbelievable!  It’s been such a warm, beautiful fall.  The boys had such a fun time running door to door.  They weren’t great at saying “thank you” but wished each door a “Happy Halloween!” before leaving.  They’ve all been enjoying the candy.



Sheep Mountain Table, Badlands, South Dakota Panorama

By , August 24, 2011 at 11:22 pm

After a grueling off-road trip through treacherous terrain we arrived at Sheep Mountain Table, Badlands, South Dakota a vista off the beaten path of the southern Badlands where these pictures were taken.  We got the whole family plopped on the edge of one of the drop offs to get some of the scenic background from our trip onto our kitchen wall.  Enjoy the view.


Stair Climber

By , August 24, 2011 at 6:21 am

Douglas believes he has mastered the stairs- if only he knew how to safely get down.  We tried to teach him but he thought it was a game and would scoot down, sit, and fall over backwards laughing.


RoadTrip: 19 Days, 2 Countries, 13 States, 3714 Miles, 1 Happy Family!

By , June 15, 2011 at 12:20 am

Celebrating the last unofficial vacation time of Dan’s life, we embarked immediately after graduation on a whirlwind road trip of 2 Countries (1. United States, 2. Canada), 13 States & Provinces (1. Minnesota, 2. Wisconsin, 3. Illinois, 4. Indiana, 5. Michigan, 6. Ontario, 7. Quebec, 8. Vermont, 9. New Hampshire, 10. Massachusetts, 11. New York, 12. Pennsylvania, 13. Ohio), 3714 miles per the trip odometer, and one happy vacation!  Here is a fun interactive map of our activities in a quick summary, and below are our daily adventures with full photo galleries (dare we say 3,676?) to compliment.  Click on any collage or daily title to be linked to the full day’s gallery or see the index at the very bottom of the post.  Enjoy our travels!

View Roadtrip 2011 in a larger map

Day 01 – Rochester to Ann Arbor
Day 1 consisted of a total 13 hour drive from Rochester through Chicago (pit stop in Chinatown for lunch), then onward through Ann Arbor for the night’s rest in Canton, Michigan.  A pretty unremarkable day other than some serious driving.  We put the longest day directly up front though and the boys survived with a little Wendy’s night cap.

Day 2 marked arrival in Toronto, Canada through Michigan.  We stopped by Fairview Mall and sampled some Fries Supreme from Taco Bell, then met up with mom who was with friends.  We Met up additionally with some old friends from decades ago over dinner at Dragon Pearl and turned in for the night in Pickering, Ontario.
Day 3 started out with a brief visit of Dan’s childhood home and elementary school, then the rest of the day was spent at two iconic tourist traps, the CN Tower which used to be the tallest free-standing structure in the world (now dwarfed by the Burg Kalifa) and Casa Loma which Dan had never visited in all his time spent in Toronto.  The kids enjoyed the ride on the Toronto subway trains which we took all around town.
Day 4 was a day at the Ontario Science Center spending it playing with exhibits, toys, and demonstrations that Dan grew up with.  Quite a lot has changed, but the place never ceases to impress.  A bite of Canada’s Harvey’s hamburgers finished off the day.
Day 5 was a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum, another old haunt of Dan’s childhood summer vacations as it was just a few blocks away from mom’s work downtown.  The boys like Daddy loved the Bat Cave.
Day 6 with the weather finally clear again was a day outdoors at the Toronto Zoo.  So large that we spent the whole day there and still only was able to walk through only 3/5th’s of the entire park.  A camel ride for the boys, and some ethnic Korean food for the adults topped off a busy day.
Day 7 heading out of Toronto to Ottawa we stopped by Bluffer’s Park, or “Scarborough Bluff’s” right on the shores of Lake Ontario.  The boys enjoyed the water while we struggled to capture some family shots that didn’t really work out.  The rest of the day was spent getting to the nation’s capitol and mix n’ matching between sushi, Pizza Pizza, and McDonald’s for dinner.
Day 8 Ottawa the nation’s capitol and home to Canada’s Parliament Buildings which we walked around and went up the tall clock tower.  We only a short drive to our next destination, Montreal, we decided to go across to Quebec’s Gatineu Park to check out the “beaches” on the lakes.  The woods and beach was sure beautiful, but what the pictures don’t show are the 1,000 flies that seemed to be hatching (and biting) everyone the moment we opened the doors and stepped out.  Needless to say we stayed very briefly and high tailed it out towards Montreal from the Davey-dubbed “Stinky Fly Beach,” which was  the subject of his nightmares in days to come.
Day 9 Arriving in Montreal last night in time to catch a brief sunset, and a late dinner at the overpriced St Hubert’s chicken, we decided to view the more scenic parts of Montreal today as we drove to Mont Royal Park and Cemetery and stumbled right into a raccoon that seemed to be rather acclimated to humans.  He came right on over asking for food and we obliged, but not before snapping some incredible shots of said creature asking for more granola bars.  Turkish food rounded off the night as we sampled a brief glimpse of Montreal’s culinary scene.
Day 10 we left Canada and drove through beautiful Vermont and New Hampshire.  Sometime during the drive we were passing through Franconia Notch State Park on I-93 when we decided to pit-stop and catch a cable car up Cannon Mountain for a scenic view all around.  It was a refreshing detour compared to the Massachusetts tornado storm system we would later go through before we finally arrived in Gloucester to meet up with the Tappen Family (Dan’s sister) and spent the next three nights with the cousins.
Day 11 A fun day in the fun on Gloucester’s beaches.  Uncle Dan being the awesome uncle that he was salvaged the day by digging for 5 hours with the boys and nephews a giant hole in the beach to shelter everyone from the wind swept sand or “sandstorms” as the kiddos would call it.  It made this windy day tolerable as the sandstorms otherwise would cut sand into your legs and make the little ones cry.  Enjoyed $6.99 / lb steamed lobster and fresh sushi for dinner.
Day 12 was a spur of the moment evening decision the night prior to sight see Gloucester and a quick Tripadvisor query turned up the main event for Gloucester: Whale Watching.  Having never been, we took the whole crew for a 4 hour tour with Cape Ann Whale Watching and sure enough within the hour we had spotted a fin whale and then followed a humpback whale around for a while (even got some video of that available soon in our video galleries).  Lunch was at the famous Woodman’s seafood restaurant, and then evening was a beautiful low-tide sunset at which time the ever cool Uncle Dan created a giant sand maze to the amazement of the kids (and a run through video of that available soon), but ultimately the day was topped off with gorgeous conditions for a unattended beach chair Chan Family portrait that has been rare to come by and as seen at the top of this post.  Perfect picture to capture one of the most perfect days.
Day 13 We left in the early afternoon for a day of driving back towards Niagara Falls with a night pitstop in the other Rochester (NY).  Not without our last goodbyes to the beach tough.  We found some washed up horseshoe crab shells (one of which impaled me later in the car), and said our goodbyes to the Tappens and also Nai Nai / Po Po (Grandma Chan) who had accompanied us since Toronto but would fly back later through Boston.
Day 14 Splurging for some nice digs, we stopped for two nights in the Fallsview Hilton on the Canada side of Niagara Falls but not until we first made our way through the Niagara Aquarium, the Discovery Center, the Maid of the Mist and Observation Tower and saw most of the American side of things.
Day 15 Moved up 3 times higher to the 46th floor for the night and had an even better view of the falls.  Enjoyed the day relaxing without travels and toured around the Canadian Horseshoe falls during the evening.
Day 16 Swung back to Cave of the Winds to stand right under American Falls on our morning exit from Niagara Falls towards great-grandparents Stevens house.  The rest of the day was a long commute to Dayton, Ohio.
Day 17 A day with the great grandparents and the Stevens side of the family and also a visit to the National Museum of the United States Air Force to see some impressive aircraft and also grandpa’s F-4 Phantom jet that he flew throughout Vietnam in 120 missions (pictured below).  We were surprised also to see the B-29 Bockscar bomber that dropped Fat Man on Nagasaki on display there.  Certainly a lot of history within the museum.
Day 18 Said our goodbyes to the great grandparents and drove from Dayton, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois early enough to catch the night showing of Medieval Times.  The boys loved it and got spoiled with wooden swords.  Our yellow knight was the one who won the tournament and defeated the mean knight so the boys were double thrilled.
Day 19 Finally the road home.  We were going to stop by Wisconsin Dells again for a night, but with school out for the summer they were booked pretty full and in full summer price gouging so we skipped through there and arrived a day earlier than previously anticipated (but don’t tell the boys that).  After 3,714 miles on this trip we were excited for Minnesota to welcome us back home and we are glad to be back after one long, fun, and memorable vacation!

Photo Galleries for Full Itinerary

Videos Coming Soon!

Mayo Medical School Class of 2011: Dan Chan, M.D.

By , May 23, 2011 at 2:01 am

It’s official!  On May 21, 2011 Mayo Medical School held its commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2011, Mayo’s 39th graduating class and with that I received my doctorate of medicine officially tacking the M.D. to my title.  My mother and sister came in attendance and of course Carolyn and the boys came out in full force to show their support.  Thank you to my extended family and friends  and especially to Carolyn for your love and support throughout the years.  Enjoy some of the photos from graduation!

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Easter Festivities

By , April 25, 2011 at 9:03 pm

The kids have been completely spoiled this year with Easter festivities.  First a fun egg hunt at a friend’s house about a week before Easter.  The kids had a wonderful time in spite of the crazy wind and freezing cold.  We had to pull out all the winter gear.  It actually snowed a few days after the hunt.  I was so glad that Douglas fell asleep on the car ride over and slept through the whole event.  I didn’t come prepared to hold him in the freezing wind.

He started sucking his two finger about a month ago and has completely given up his binky.  Such a world of difference to have a child that pacifies himself.  :)

Easter Egg Dyeing!  Mikey has been so looking forward to dyeing eggs again this year.  He had it all worked out in his head: “When Davey goes down for his nap we can get out the eggs and dye them.”  He remembered exactly what happened last year.  Davey didn’t nap, but had a blast dyeing his hands and body along with a few eggs.

Egg hunt 2 was the day before Easter.  4 acres, donuts & milk, millions of eggs, best friends- what more could you ask for?

We happened to stop by Hy-Vee grocery store on the way home because I had heard an advertisement over the intercom while shopping there the night before…. something about the Easter bunny, an egg hunt, and cookie decorating.  Fun.  David loved the Bunny.  It turned out to be more of an “egg & toy grab.”  They grabbed plenty.

Easter morning they boys were so excited.  Mikey asked if he could go to bed at 10am on Saturday in anticipation of it.  They had a great time hunting for eggs and their baskets.

They loved their loot, especially the butterfly nets.  It will be quite some time before they actually see any butterflies around here.  In the meantime the nets are making great jellybean holders, ball scoopers, wands, and head conkers.  Check out our complete Easter Album if you want to see even more.

Happy Easter!

By , April 24, 2011 at 10:44 pm

Happy Easter!  Here are a few pictures of the boys today in their matching outfits from Grandma and Grandpa (Thanks!).  Mikey & Davey posed on their own after asking me to take their picture (Douglas was still down for an afternoon nap).  They have become such great friends.

Tried to get a shot of all 3 boys together.  It was almost impossible to get them to all look in the same direction and smile at the same time.  We tried a few different locations and angles.  They hated the sun in their eyes and both wanted to take turns holding Douglas for the pictures.

Douglas is full of smiles and drool these days.  5 months!  I can’t believe how time has flown.  He’s getting ready to start on solids soon.

Hope all of you had a wonderful day.

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